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Experienced Los Angeles E-Scooter Injury Lawyers

Motorized bikes and scooters are popular in California, but they can also be very dangerous. Along with the increase in their use, severe accidents and serious injuries are also on the rise. As a firm dedicated to personal injury law, Law Offices of John C. Ye, A Professional Law Corporation has recovered over $300 million in settlements for clients, and we can help you.

Everyone Is At Risk

Just like motorcycles, drivers may not see bikes, scooters and mopeds before it is too late. Inexperienced or reckless drivers may hit a pedestrian while trying to ride on the sidewalk. Persons walking on the sidewalk may trip on scooters that have fallen over. Poor road maintenance can cause driving hazards. If another passenger is sitting on the handlebars or hanging on behind the driver, it adds to the danger and possibility of injury.

Identifying The Negligent Party

The negligent party is the one liable for the accident. We listen to your story and identify who is responsible for compensation for your accident. It could be:

  • The scooter rental company
  • The automobile driver
  • The Department of Transportation
  • The scooter driver

While motorized bikes and scooters do not need DMV registration, mopeds do, and drivers of them must have a license specifically for motorcycles. California law requires insurance coverage for mopeds, but not for motorized bikes and scooters. Our lawyers know how to analyze your case and develop a winning strategy.

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