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Avoiding an accident with pedestrians

| Jan 8, 2021 | Uncategorized |

All too often, pedestrians are involved in car accidents, especially in urban centers where pedestrians and motorists often need to share the road. However, there are certain things drivers in California and elsewhere should keep in mind when avoiding accidents involving pedestrians.


Jaywalking is when pedestrians cross a street even though they are legally not permitted to do so. In many jurisdictions, pedestrians must cross a street at designated crosswalks, but pedestrians often wish to save time and cross a street at a place that is most convenient for them. Drivers need to be extra vigilant for jaywalkers when trying to avoid an accident with a pedestrian.


Crosswalks are locations where pedestrians can legally cross streets, and they are often marked with white lines. When drivers reach a crosswalk, it is important to come to a complete stop when any pedestrians are around. Many jurisdictions legally require drivers to stop at crosswalks, and drivers can be ticketed if they do not slow their vehicles.

Use headlights

Many accidents involving pedestrians occur at night because it is more difficult to see pedestrians and other obstacles when weather conditions limit visibility. As a result, drivers should make sure to turn on their headlights whenever their visibility is impaired by a lack of light. Moreover, drivers should not hesitate to use their high beams in short intervals to get a better look at areas through which they are driving.

Avoid glare

Glare from the sun is another common cause of accidents involving pedestrians. As such, drivers should consider keeping sunglasses with them in their cars to use when the sun’s glare impedes visibility. In addition, many cars have flaps that can be lowered to block out the sun when it is distracting.

Even with caution, pedestrian-involved accidents do occur. In such situations, it is important to speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer to preserve your rights.