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What are the top causes of truck accidents?

| Nov 19, 2020 | Uncategorized |

Commercial trucks on the road in California are made of several tons of steel that could easily destroy a passenger vehicle in an accident. To protect themselves and other drivers, truck drivers typically take numerous safety precautions. Despite this, truck accidents are still some of the most common accidents on the highways.

What causes truck accidents?

Many truck accidents are caused by vehicle malfunctions. Failing brakes, punctured tires, defective equipment and other issues can cause a truck to stop working or veer off course. To prevent these kinds of failures, trucking companies should inspect their vehicles regularly and pull any vehicle with an issue or defect.

Some truck accidents are also caused by poor weather conditions like fog, snow and icy roads. If a driver starts to lose control of their truck, they can easily tip over or slide off the road. Trucks are difficult to maneuver even in the best of weather conditions. Additionally, narrow roads and poorly maintained pavement can cause accidents.

Driving during the day also poses a greater risk for truck drivers. While they might have better visibility during the day, they also have more drivers to deal with. When they drive at night, the roads are typically much clearer. Because of this, over a third of truck accidents happen during the day with nearly 80% of truck accidents occurring on weekends.

How can you find legal assistance after a truck accident?

Whether you’re the driver of a passenger vehicle, a bicyclist, a motorcyclist, a pedestrian or a fellow truck driver, you might benefit from hiring a personal injury attorney. Your attorney may be able to help you prove that you sustained serious injuries due to the other driver’s negligence.