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Hazards to watch for while driving during autumn

| Nov 2, 2020 | Uncategorized |

Autumn can be a treacherous time of year for drivers in California, but some dangers will be more pronounced in other states. For example, drivers here may not typically need to worry much about hitting a deer, but November being deer mating season, the chances of such an encounter rise 3.5 times during that month.

Dangers associated with the end of DST

Everyone has to deal with the end of daylight saving time, with the one change being an increase in night driving. The older a person is, the harder it becomes to decipher road signs and judge things like vehicle speeds and traffic gaps. Peripheral vision and color recognition are diminished at night.

In addition, more drivers find themselves heading right into the rising or setting sun during their commute. The resulting glare can distract them from the road, especially if the windshield is dirty and they have no sunglasses.

Fog, leaves and much more

Autumn brings down a lot of fog on drivers, who may compromise their already limited visibility by turning on the brights. Falling leaves pose a threat, too, by mingling with puddles and making a slippery surface or by forming a pile that forces drivers to park in a dangerous spot. Drivers should also watch out for how the cooler weather causes the tires to lose pressure.

For those injured by an unsafe driver

Responsible drivers can address autumn-related hazards with some precautions, but some will simply become negligent. When negligence is behind motor vehicle accidents, innocent victims may file a personal injury claim. If you believe you have grounds for doing so, you may have a lawyer assess the case. The lawyer might hire investigators and other third parties to gather proof against the defendant before negotiations begin.