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The lesser known world of drunk driving

| Oct 9, 2020 | Uncategorized |

It’s something that many of us will either be tempted to do or have actually done in the past. Drunk driving is something that many who have been involved in don’t usually plan to do. People in California state that these situations often occur because of a need to socialize with co-workers or friends. However, the end result is many times, unfortunately, the same. A person drinks a little too much and begins to drive home. Although it might seem straightforward, there are many more statistics surrounding DUI incidents.

Fatal DUI accident records

Although it can seem like you don’t hear about a fatal DUI on the news as often, the real numbers are incredibly frightening and high. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in just one year, there were over 7,852 fatal DUI crashes. That could be narrowed down to over 22 DUI fatal accidents per day. The reality of these numbers is that they’re not exclusive to one part of the country. The numbers cover almost evenly across the country.

What levels are deemed “over the limit”?

In a recent study, researchers began to think about what it would take to make an average adult intoxicated enough not to be able to drive their vehicle properly. According to the results, the number came out to be seven beers, shots, or common mix-drinks. All these would heighten the average adult’s blood alcohol content to 0.08%, which is just above the legal limit in most states.

How to stay safe and prevent accidents

Although it can be easy to stop yourself from driving under the influence, you don’t have control of those around you. If you’re planning to go out to a bar or a concert, you may want to volunteer to give everyone a car ride and be the only one to remain sober. This may drastically lessen the risk of becoming involved in a DUI accident.

As stated above, you really can’t control everyone’s behavior. Unfortunately, some will be involved in a DUI accident, which they had no fault in. In this situation, you must ensure that you have the right legal team behind you in order to receive proper compensation and justice.