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Young male drivers more at risk for speed-related deaths

| Sep 24, 2020 | Uncategorized |

When it comes to traffic deaths in the United States, speeding remains one of the top causes. According to researchers, this form of negligence is more common among certain demographics. Male drivers aged 24 and under are more likely than any other demographic to exceed the speed limit or drive faster than conditions allow and cause potentially deadly car accidents.

Speed kills thousands every year

In 2018, a total of 8,447 speed-related fatal accidents claimed 9,378 lives. While this follows a generally declining trend in the annual number of fatal accidents on U.S. roads, it’s still a tragically high figure. A 21st century high of 13,799 traffic deaths was reported in 2003. Improvements in vehicle safety technology have helped to reduce traffic fatalities to a daily average of about 25 in 2018. Speeding consistently causes a significant number of those accidents with male drivers age 24 and under most at risk.

Men across all age groups outpace their female counterparts when it comes to involvement in speed-related fatal accidents. A speed-related fatality is one in which the driver either exceeded the posted speed limit or drove too fast for roadway conditions. The younger the driver, the more likely speeding becomes a factor in a fatal accident. Most at risk are men between ages 15 and 20 followed by those aged 21 to 24. The older the driver, the lower the fatality rate.

Speeding pins liability

Drivers must abide by posted speed limits and drive safely for road conditions. Rainstorms as well as snow and ice at higher elevations are constant threats to road conditions. So are construction zones that slow down traffic. Violating posted speed limits or driving faster than conditions safely allow put the offending driver of the speeding vehicle liable for injuries and property damages caused by an accident.

When accidents lead to injuries, death and property damage, legal action may be warranted. An attorney can help a plaintiff get fair compensation for injuries and related costs.