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Common sense rules when on a motorcycle

| Sep 23, 2020 | Uncategorized |

Motorcyclists in California should exercise caution at all times on the highways. Congested traffic is a fact of life in major cities like Los Angeles, and bikers are always vulnerable to being sideswiped or struck due to failure by other motorists to recognize them in traffic. This is usually the reasoning behind riding in teams and maintaining loud exhaust systems. There are also still a few common-sense rules that go along with the territory for motorcyclists.

One of the first rules in avoiding motorcycle accidents is being cognizant of the traffic up the road on a two-lane roadway. Many bike accidents happen when a motorist turns left in front of a biker on short notice, often not even giving a turn signal. Paying attention to other highway occupants is a primary key to motorcycle safety, and always traveling at reduced speeds on a two-lane street or highway is strongly advised because of limited options when obstacles present themselves.

Reducing speeds when entering curves is also a primary safety rule because there could be gravel or other debris on the road around the bend. Experienced motorcyclists should be attentive and cautious of the unknown on the roadway when entering blind spots and potential zones with debris on the street.

Another practice that impacts accidents on the open interstate or multi-lane freeway systems is lane-splitting. One of the most attractive components of riding a bike is the ability to navigate congested traffic by riding the stripe on the highway. However, many California attorneys who represent victims of motorcycle crashes see this problem far too often when negotiating claims for clients. Victims of accidents who are seeking compensation may want to ask their attorney whether their behavior prior to the crash will reduce their potential compensation award.