The artificial intelligence firm Netradyne conducted an online survey from Feb. 25 to March 10, 2020, involving 1,248 drivers in California and across the U.S. Half of the respondents expressed concern that driving was becoming less and less safe with 82% citing distractions behind the wheel as one reason. These participants are all 18 or older, hold a standard driving license and drive a car at least once a week.

Distracted driving is a major factor in car accidents and fatalities. Everything from phones and navigation systems to eating, drinking and talking with a passenger can constitute a distraction. Survey respondents admitted to various distractions despite the fact that 91% said of themselves that they are safe drivers. Less than half agreed that they could be safer behind the wheel.

Drinking liquids was the most common distraction reported by respondents. Social media, though, were the most injurious. One in seven of the respondents were injured or totaled their vehicle in a distracted driving crash while 20% were fined or received points on their license.

Netradyne representatives say that most distractions are well within a driver’s control and that driver training and new technology can help reduce their frequency. Incidentally, 29% of the drivers surveyed said that AI-driven vehicle tech would appeal to them.

So far as drivers have control of their vehicles, they can cause motor vehicle accidents entirely through their own fault. Victims of such accidents, even if they were partially to blame, may be able to file a claim against the responsible driver’s auto insurer and seek compensation for their medical bills, property damage, lost wages and pain and suffering. They might find it advisable to have the help of an attorney throughout the process.