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How do ride share companies qualify drivers?

| Mar 18, 2020 | Uncategorized |

With the increased popularity of ride-sharing, you may find a time when you are calling for an Uber or a Lyft. As you get into the vehicle, you may wonder how the company ensured that your driver is going to provide a safe ride. While there is no universal process rideshare companies use to vet drivers, there are some things they all do check. 

The goal is to make sure drivers are going to keep you safe and ensure you get where you need to go without any incidents. Money Crashers explains that each company will do things a little differently when it comes to the background checks they run on drivers but that they will all look into the driving history and criminal history as part of the process. 

What they check 

Every company will make sure that you have a clean driving record, but the definition of clean may vary. For most, it means there are no major violations, such as a DUI. Speeding tickets do not usually disqualify a driver, but having too many within a certain time can. 

The companies also will run criminal background checks. For all companies, any felony record will result in disqualification. Some misdemeanors may as well, but that varies by company. Most commonly, anything involving violence, theft or sexual crimes will disqualify you. 

Beyond the background 

In addition to checking into your background, the company will also make sure you have the tools required to do the job. They want to see you have adequate auto insurance. They also will require a good running vehicle that is safe and clean.