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Distracted driving can cause serious truck accidents

| Mar 30, 2020 | Uncategorized |

When many of our readers in the Los Angeles area think of the term “distracted driving” they probably envision a common scene: teenagers in a car, all on their cellphones and talking to each other, including the driver as well. And while this is certainly a common enough sight on the roadways throughout the country, there is another set of drivers who can be just as much – if not more – tempted by a cellphone or other distraction while driving: truck drivers.

For the most part, the millions of truck drivers who transport goods across our country are doing their best to follow the rules of the road so as to not endanger fellow drivers and their passengers. But, there is no denying that truck drivers oftentimes put in long hours and, just like the rest of us, might get bored on such long road trips. The lure of the cellphone or some other distraction may be irresistible for a brief respite from that boredom. But, such a distraction can lead to serious truck accidents.

Truck accidents can be much more severe than accidents that only involve passenger vehicles. For one thing, trucks, such as semi-trucks, are massive and weigh much more than the average passenger vehicle. Such a weight disparity can cause massive damage to other vehicles that collide with a large truck.

Beyond the property damage that might occur in a truck accident caused by a distracted truck driver, the potential for catastrophic injuries is very real as well. Victims of these types of accidents are often lucky if they walk away with their lives. Anyone in Los Angeles who has been injured in a truck accident that was caused because the truck driver was distracted may have a personal injury claim to pursue.