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Fast music may increase car accident risk

| Feb 28, 2020 | Uncategorized |

Traffic in and around Los Angeles can be a nightmare at any time of day. To help you reach your destination without losing your sanity, you probably have a go-to playlist or podcast. If you listen to up-tempo tunes, though, you may also have an increased risk of having an automobile accident. 

recent study found a causal link between a driver’s musical selection and his or her driving prowess. The results are interesting for both drivers and individuals who have sustained a serious injury in a car crash. Whether you are looking to stay safe behind the wheel or to pursue compensation from someone who caused a collision, you should know about the connection between music and car accident risk. 

Distracted driving 

By now, virtually everyone realizes distracted driving is a recipe for disaster. Of course, distracted driving may involve more than just sending a text message or answering a phone call. Listening to up-tempo music may provide an overload of mental stimulation, causing the driver to experience cognitive distraction. According to the study, enjoying music with a tempo over 120 beats per minute increases a driver’s chances of having a collision. 

Dangerous driving 

Not only may listening to upbeat music cause a driver to become distracted, but it may also make him or her an erratic driver. That is, study participants tended to engage in risky driving behaviors when listening to fast music. Speeding, dangerous lane changes and unsafe passing were more common with drivers listening to up-tempo soundtracks than they were with the control group. 

Even in the most-favorable scenario, a car accident can ruin an otherwise good day. As such, to minimize your chances of having a collision, you may want to keep your musical selections on the mellower side. On the other hand, if you have life-altering injuries after an automobile accident, you may want to investigate whether the driver’s musical preferences played a role in the crash.