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Concussion symptoms to look for following a car accident

| Dec 24, 2019 | Uncategorized |

California drivers can suffer many types of traumatic brain injuries following a motor vehicle accident. Concussions are common following a motor vehicle accident because of the high probability of the head striking a stationary object. The symptoms of a concussion may be temporary but need medical attention to assess the extent of the injury and aid in recovery. 

The Mayo Clinic states that concussion symptoms can take time to show up. Once the symptoms arrive, they can hang around for a few days to months. Some patients may experience amnesia where they forget how the concussion happened in the first place. 

Confusion, headaches, nausea, dazed appearance and loss of consciousness on a temporary basis are some of the more common signs of a concussion. Patients may also experience delays in response, dizziness, head pressure, slurred speech and vomiting. Problems sleeping, mood changes, taste disorders and light sensitivity may take longer to appear than other symptoms. 

Brainline states that concussions do not usually threaten a person’s life however they can have serious effects for the injured person. The brain is a complex organ, so each person’s injury affects them differently. Often, subtle symptoms of a concussion can go unnoticed by the patient and those around them for days. 

How long a person takes to recover depends on the nature of the injury and the length of time they experience symptoms. In some cases, a hematoma can develop following the injury causing the brain to squeeze against the bone needing immediate medical attention. See a doctor as soon as symptoms arise especially following an injury event such as a car accident.