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On the roads in California, motorcyclists face more danger than drivers of covered vehicles. You are also prone to unique injuries that other drivers may not suffer from as easily. Crush injuries are one possible example. These injuries are caused when your body becomes pinned between two or more hard surfaces. Unfortunately, a crush injury can be very severe.

When Medline Plus discusses the severity of crush injuries, they mention all of the potential secondary problems that may come from it. This includes broken or fractured bones, lacerations and secondary infections, and internal and external bruising.

There is also a condition called compartment syndrome which may manifest in particularly extreme crush wounds. This syndrome causes your soft tissue, blood vessels, nerves, skin and muscle to be affected by the extended pressure and lack of oxygen via blood flow.

With particularly severe cases of crush injuries, you can suffer from permanent damage to the affected areas. This may manifest in issues with nerve damage that result in loss of sensation, permanent pains, or a decreased range of motion. Some people who have a limb pinned for a long time may suffer from cell death due to lack of oxygen, leading to the possibility of that limb needing to be amputated.

These are the types of injuries that can end up permanently change your entire quality of life. It is therefore important to understand just how much of an impact crush injuries can have on an individual, and how it could potentially result in even worse injuries than the initial crash itself.