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How much of a problem is truck driver fatigue?

| Oct 28, 2019 | Uncategorized |

Truckers are a big part of the highway ecosystem in California. Because of that, problems that affect the trucking industry can affect the rest of the state as well. Today we will discuss how the rampant issue of drowsy driving in the trucking industry has the potential to affect even normal drivers like you.

Drowsy driving happens when a driver gets behind the wheel despite being too tired to operate their vehicle while in the proper state of alertness. Drowsy driving can happen for many reasons. In the trucking industry, it is often caused by overwork being incentivized. On the flip side of the coin, truckers that don’t work quickly or get enough miles done in any given period of time may be punished for being slower than their coworkers who hustle. The combination can encourage truck drivers to get behind the wheel and finish shifts even if they should be resting.

Perhaps surprisingly, drowsy driving can be considered on par with driving under the influence or driving while distracted in terms of how dangerous it is. The mind and body tend to be affected by exhaustion similarly to how it reacts to distraction or intoxication. Exhaustion leads to a lack of coordination, slowed reflexes, poor decision-making skills, and an inability to detect or process danger as it occurs.

Of course, there are many other dangerous driving behaviors on the road that can impact your safety. Drowsy driving is just one, but it is a growing problem that can cause many issues. To read more about auto crashes, consider taking a look at our web page.