As a resident of California who has recently suffered from a concussion or knows a loved one who has, you may be wondering many things about these injuries. For example, how are they treated? Is surgery required? Is there medication that you can take which will help you to recover from your concussion more quickly?

American Family Physician examines a number of questions related to head injuries, including how concussions are treated. Unfortunately, there aren’t any medications you can take that will help your brain to heal. Because of that, the most surefire way of ensuring rapid and safe healing is simply by resting the body and mind often, which allows the brain time to heal.

You should also be careful about the physical activities you are involved in. For example, aerobics, heavy lifting, and other strenuous physical activities should definitely be shelved until you are free of all concussive symptoms or your doctor says that it is safe for you to do so. The same goes for things that require a high level of mental concentration, such as watching television, texting, or playing video games. Diving back into these activities too soon can prevent you from healing quickly at best, and may interfere in the healing process or even worsen symptoms.

It is also important to understand what medicines can and cannot be taken while you are healing from a concussion. Some painkillers may be given to reduce the symptoms like headache and soreness, but not every medicine is safe for you to take, especially while recovering from a head injury.